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Fuzzy/Distorted Print

Fuzzy/distorted print can occur for a number of reasons; listed/shown below.

Problem: Poor original image quality (less than 300 dpi).
Solution: Use high quality images.

Problem: Poor original image quality (output onto media)
Solution: Try rotating image 180 degrees - if this resolves the issue the printhead is worn out in that specific section

Problem: Choosing to print image in low resolution from software application.
Solution: Set image to highest resolution possible from software application.

Problem: Paper is buckling or bowing during the time of printing.
Solution: Try removing the PPS spacers. Try printing on a thicker piece of media (i.e. 40lb paper ) If problem does not occur on heavier material the media you are feeding may be too flimsy.

Problem: Damaged Printhead nozzle surface; scratched from improper manual cleaning, or dirty/damaged wiper roller.
Solution: Only use distilled water and a non-abrasive, lint free cloth to manually clean the printhead. Replace the wiper roller at the same time the printhead is replaced. Cover the printer, when not in use, to keep dust/debris (plaster dust) from entering the printer.

Wiper Printhead Manually