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Feeding Problems

Intermittent feeding
  • Media Support Wedge not used.
  • Side Guides set too tight to media. Dirty Feed Rollers.
  • Paper stuck together.
  • Uneven mail piece.
  • The Media Support Wedge adds a slope to the stack and helps feeding.
  • Readjust Side Guides.
  • Clean the Feed Roller with distilled water and a cloth. Do NOT use any solvents as they may damage Rollers.
  • Fan media before placing it in Printer.
  • Tape inserts to front of envelopes and retry.

Multiple feeds (double feeding)

  • Separator gap not set properly.
  • Media stuck together.
  • Adjust Separators to thickness of media.
  • Fan the media before loading in Printer.
  • Paper path obstruction.
  • Paper not loaded properly.
  • Media Support Wedge not adjusted properly.
  • Separators improperly adjusted.
  • Media curled or bent.
  • The Separators are worn.
  • Paperpath Exit sensor is having trouble seeing the underside of the
  • media (non-reflective colors).
  • Feed Encoder dirty / misadjusted.
  • Clear jam and remove pieces remaining in print engine.
  • Load media as instructed in manual.
  • Adjust Media Support Wedge.
  • Adjust Separators to thickness of media.
  • Uncurl media.
  • Replace Separator tips.
  • In Toolbox, select (check) “Ignore Exit Sensor”.
  • Call Service Support

Right edge of media being damaged as it travels through print engine area

  • Media is hitting the limits inside the print engine.

  • Make sure Adjustable Media Side Guide is at least 1/8” away from side frame. If stock is over 9.5” wide; you need to use narrower stock.

Blank piece(s) fed at end of job and or last piece does not exit the Print Engine.

  • Toolbox “Cutsheet Feeding Mode” is set to Max Throughput.
  • Feed Sensor is dirty/dusty.
  • In the Max Throughput mode the printer will feed 1 or 2 blanks at end of job. Set to “Safe Feed” to eliminate this issue.
  • Clean Feed Sensor