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Service Station Problems

WARNING! Many of the issues related to Service Station function will require a qualified Service Person, or properly trained person, to diagnose and fix these issues. If you haven’t been properly trained on or  don’t feel comfortable performing these procedures; please contact your Service Support Representative.


Service Station Drive Motor stalls.

  • Service Station was not installed properly.
  • Wiper roller securing latches are not closed; preventing Service Station sled from moving properly.
  • Damaged Service Station
  • Jammed gear train due to broken post or improperly seated gears.
  • Damaged Motor

  • Eject Service Station. Cycle print engine off/on. If drive motor turns without stalling then motor is OK. If you have trouble ejecting the Service Station, call Service Support. Before re-installing Service Station, make sure: wiper roller latches are closed and not damaged.
  • Replace Service Station.
  • Call Service Support.

Wiper Motor doesn’t turn or stalls

  • Cable not connected.
  • Squeegee blade wedged, not seated properly.
  • Debris build-up on blade and rollers, increasing friction. Bad wiper roller motor

  • Verify ribbon cable and motor cable are properly connected to board on side of Service Station.
  • Reseat squeegee blade.
  • Clean rollers and blade.
  • Replace Wiper Motor Assembly or Service Station.

Color mixing occurs after wiper roller performs a cleaning

  • Wiper Roller is over-saturated.
  • Squeegee blade is not seated properly, damaged or bowed.

  • Allow printer to sit, powered ON, for 2-3 hours or replace wiper roller.
  • Reseat wiper roller squeegee blade. If squeegee blade is damaged/bowed, replace component or Service Station.

Service Station cannot be removed from the Print Engine

  • Wiper Roller Latches were not completely closed when the Station was installed. Latches now hooked on bottom of paper path.
  • Service Station was manually installed too far with Lifting Arms up.
  • Damaged Lifting Arms

  • Carefully unhook Latches from bottom of paper path and secure latches.
  • If wiper roller latches are damaged; replace Wiper Motor Assembly or Service Station.
  • Call Service Support.

Cleaning the Service Station