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Technical Videos Installed with iJetColor Classics

Cleaning the Service Station
Procedure for cleaning the service station on the iJetColor press.

Replacing the Printhead in an iJetColor Printing System
How to replace the printhead in an iJetColor printing System

Cleaning the Sensors in a iJetColor System
This video shows the proper procedure for cleaning the sensors in your iJetColor inkjet printing system powered by Memjet technology.

Installing new ink tanks in your Printware iJetColor Digital Inkjet Press.
This how to video will show you the proper way to install a new ink tank

Setting Up the Paper Feed On an iJetColor Press

Procedure for setting up the paper feed on a Printware iJetColor digital 

Washing the Wiper Roller in an iJetColor Press

Occasionally, if the wiper roller is dry, it will not remove the excess ink from the printhead like it should. Squirting some distilled or deionized water onto the roller will help to wet and clean the roller.

Envelope Guide Installation

UPDATED: Inspecting the Wiper Roller