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Ink Usage and Ink Estimation

Ink Usage

Displays the amount of ink used and other information for each job sent to the Printer. Also tracks estimated Page and Job Costs if information is entered in Job Cost Settings.

INK ESTIMATION MODE – Lets you predetermine how much ink a given job may use prior to printing a job. This is useful for determining per piece costs. Job is sent to Printer and loads, but does not print. Once a job is loaded, click “Refresh” to show amount of ink (by color) that job will use.

Upload Table – Creates and opens a linkable tabular data file using programs such as Microsoft Excel. (Microsoft Excel is the default.)

Mode selection:

Off – Feature is disabled.

Continuous – Ink Estimation Mode continues running (Printer will not print), until feature is turned “OFF”.

Single Pass – Ink Estimation Mode runs once, then turns off. Printer will then be ready to print.

Click “Submit” to activate the Mode setting selected.

NOTE: Estimating process takes as long as job would take to print (i.e., if job would take 1 hour to print, estimate will take 1 hour to display. Track progress on the Counter located in the System Status window.)

Reset Page Counter – Tap or click this button to reset the Printer page count to 0. (Page on the Printer Toolbox and Touchscreen.)

JOB COST SETTINGS – Enter your ink cost and printhead cost and media size preference (inches or mm). Set a minimum of at least 100 pcs. to ensure a large enough sample size. Click “Submit”. In Ink EstimationMode, this feature estimates per page cost and job cost without printing job. With Ink Estimation Mode disabled, Printer still tracks estimated per page cost and estimated job cost as job is being printed. Once costs are entered, they will remain until changed again, even if Printer is turned OFF.
NOTE: This is only an estimate and does not include other factors such as Printer maintenance routines, (printhead wiping and cleaning, power up/down, etc.) that may affect overall result.


The iJetColor Press is a fast, low-cost solution for printing and addressing envelopes. At three times the speed and one third the cost, it is extremely competitive compared to other toner envelope printing systems. The iJetColor Press performs 4 edge bleed printing while bringing the lowest cost-per-piece to the commercial printing market.