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Manual Printhead Cleaning

NOTE: We recommend the use of nitrile powder-free gloves for this process.

As a last resort, if running the built-in “... Clean Printhead” features don’t help improve print quality; the printhead cartridge can be cleaned manually.

1. Carefully open the clamshell.

2. Clean the printhead nozzles. Dampen a lint-free cloth, with deionized or distilled water. Keep the printhead nozzle area facing down and gently wipe the printhead nozzle area, from end to end, in one direction and in one fluid motion. You can repeat this process a few times, but only wipe in one direction.

NOTE: The use of deionized water (reference ASTM D5127-90 Type E-II Electronic Grade Water) is preferred; however it is acceptable to use distilled water if deionized water is not available. Do NOT use tap water or paper towels to clean the printhead nozzles. Doing so may cause damage to the printhead cartridge and possible contamination to the ink system.

3. Carefully Close the Clamshell.
CAUTION: To prevent damage, hold onto, then lift and release both latches when closing. If you force it closed without holding the latches open, you will eventually damage the latches and clamshell switch (door switch).