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Inspecting & Cleaning the Lip of the Capping Station

Inspecting & Cleaning the Lip of the Capping Station

The Capping Station (Cap) is part of the Service Station. When the printer is idle, the Service Station automatically caps the printhead to keep the nozzles hydrated. Excess ink can accumulate on the Lip of the Cap. This commonly occurs after a printhead cartridge is installed and the system is primed. During the printhead priming process the system performs multiple purges of ink into the Cap. This can cause excess ink to build on the lip of the Cap. This excess ink will then be transferred to the printhead surface, when the printhead is capped; creating a greater chance for “scuff marks” to occur on the media.


1. Power-down the printer using the ON/OFF button.

2. After the Control Panel Lights have all turn OFF; Open the Top Cover.

3. Carefully release the Latches and Open the Clamshell.

4. Using a lint free cloth; carefully wipe the excess ink from the Lip of the Capping Station.

5. Inspect the lip of the cap for signs of wear or damage. If the lip is uneven or cracked, it should be replaced. Please contact your service support representative to have this item replace.

6. Carefully close and latch the Clamshell. Important! Make sure to hold the latches open (unlocked position) until the clamshell is closed. Then slowly release the latches. If this rule is not followed damage to the latch posts and or door switch may result.

7. Close the Top Cover.

8. Power-On the printer.