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Interface Communication Problems


M Series Driver does not respond to printer being connected via USB.

Driver shows printer off-line, even with printer connected and powered-up.

  • Wrong USB port selected in “M Series Driver”.
  • More than one copy of the “M Series Driver” is present and the wrong one was selected.
  • System is hung-up.
  • USB Port, or Cable Connection problem
  • Verify that you are selecting the appropriate USB port in the driver Ports Tab. Note: During driver install the USB port was automatically assigned. However if someone changes the port setting in the driver you will need to manually reassign the port.
  • If a second M Series Driver was loaded; be sure to select the appropriate one as your default.
  • Clear spooler, and then reboot printer/computer.
  • Test using known good USB cable; replace cable if necessary.
    • If still no communication; check printer using another known good system (computer, software, cable).

No communication with Toolbox utility.

  • Computer system does not meet minimum requirements.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework not installed or version not supported.
  • Printer’s Toolbox (Embedded Web Server) not responding.
  • Firewall is blocking communication with Toolbox.
  • System is hung-up.
  • USB Cable connection issue.
  • Check that computer system meets minimum requirements.
  • Install Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (32 bit) or 4 (64 bit).
  • Close and reopen Toolbox utility.
  • Change firewall settings to allow access.
  • Reboot printer/computer.
  • Check/replace USB cable.

Job is sent, but printer does not feed or print.

  • Printer not connected to computer.
  • Printer Error
  • Media Sensor is covered in Print Engine.
  • Improper Driver Config.
  • System is hung-up.
  • Incorrect settings for wiper & pump motors.
  • Connect printer cable to computer and resend job.
  • Open Toolbox utility to view errors.
  • Open clamshell and remove media.
  • Uninstall, Re-install Driver.
  • Reboot printer/computer.
  • Call Service Support

Erratic output (printing garbage, feeding blanks, etc.)

  • Problem with software
  • Improper driver selected.
  • System was disrupted by static energy.

  • Test from another software program. Contact software vendor.
  • Use M Series Driver
  • Reboot printer/computer.