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Inspecting the Wiper Roller

The Wiper Roller should be routinely inspected for signs of wear and debris. 

NOTICE! If you have not been trained or are uncomfortable performing this task, please contact your service support representative.


1. Power ON the printer and power-up the print engine. 
2. Open the Top Cover. 
3. After the printer has finished performing maintenance, carefully release the Latches and Open the Clamshell. 
4. Open the Toolbox and press the “Wipe Printhead” button. When the “Wipe Printhead” warning message, “Are you sure you want to continue?”, appears; Click on YES.
5. The Wiper Roller will be presented through the opening in the lower section of the print engine. The Service Station will cycle through its normal wiping and capping routine; providing you with the opportunity to inspect the condition of the Wiper Roller. CAUTION: Keep all loose items and hands away from the moving parts within the print engine. Do NOT try to touch or clean the moving components. Injury or damage may result. 
TIP: If you find that the “Wipe Printhead” feature isn’t working (wiper not presented); press the Wipe button while the Clamshell is shut, then open the Clamshell to inspect the wiper roller. 
6. Inspect the Wiper Roller for signs of damage/wear (fabric is fuzzy, torn, uneven) and debris (fibers, hair, particle accumulation, etc…).  Contact your service support representative if you see signs of wear or debris on the roller. The wiper roller may need to be cleaned or replaced.
NOTE: A new (unused) Wiper Roller will be white. Once the roller has been used, for a very short period of time, it will turn black with ink. This is normal. 
WARNING: Without training and experience it can be difficult to identify a worn or dirty wiper roller. When in doubt, the Wiper Roller should be replaced. Operating the printer with a worn or dirty wiper roller can cause damage to the printhead. If the printhead is replaced it is also recommended that the Wiper Roller be replaced at the same time. 
7. As soon as you are finished inspecting the Wiper Roller; carefully close and latch the Clamshell.  
WARNING: If you leave the Clamshell open too long this may cause nozzle dehydration. 
Important! Make sure to hold the latches open (unlocked position) until the clamshell is closed. Then slowly release the latches. If this rule is not followed damage to the latch posts and or door switch may result. 
8. Close the Top Cover.