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Cleaning the Ink Revolver Couplings

This process should be performed just before a printhead cartridge is installed or re-installed; to remove contaminated/dry ink and other debris from the Ink Revolver Couplings. If this step is skipped; the printhead and or ink system could become contaminated resulting in an increase in print quality issues. 

1. If Printhead Cartridge is installed; follow the procedure for releasing and removing the Printhead Cartridge
2. If the printer is on; press the ON/OFF button to power-down the print engine. Wait about 45 seconds until the system shuts down (all control panel lights will go off). Turn off the Main Power Switch and unplug the printer from the power receptacle.
3. Lightly moisten a foam swab with distilled water. 
4. Insert the swab into one of the ink channel holes and rotate the swab to clean the chamber. 
5. Use a new swab for each of the remaining ink channels, until all 10 openings are clean. (5 on each side.) 
6. Install the Printhead.