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Monthly cleaning of the service station improves print quality.

Cleaning the service station - MONTHLY

The Service Station contains separate areas/devices that are used to perform the following tasks.

Cleaning. The Wiper Roller cleans the Printhead nozzles of excess ink and debris.
Printing/Purging. The Printing Platen acts as a base to support media during printing. It also contains a purging area which captures and absorbs ink that is purged, to help keep nozzles clear.
Capping. The Capping Station seals and protects the printhead nozzles when not in use.
Evacuating Waste Ink. In addition to the function of supporting the above items; the Service Station Tray is lined with wicking material that absorbs the waste ink and transfers it out of the Tray and into the “waste ink trough”. This waste ink then flows from the “trough” to the “Waste Ink Tray”, which is located behind the Ink Tank Door.

As the above components become worn/dirty, from use, they can lose their ability to perform as intended.
 If you experience print quality issues it may be time to have the Service Station, or components within the Service Station, cleaned or replaced. Please use nitrile powder-free gloves and have plenty of paper towels on-hand for these procedures.

We find that the most important piece to clean regularly is the wiper roller assembly.

The wiper roller will wipe excess ink from the surface of the printhead.  After the wipe it will spin rapidly to remove the wiped off ink from the wiper roller. There is a metal transfer roller that acts as a squeegee roller to pickup the ink from the wiper roller.  Then the ink is then scraped off of the transfer roller by a thin scraper blade to remove the ink ant let it drip onto the absorbent pad in the bottom of the service tray. Paper dust and dried ink can build up between the metal transfer roller and the scraper blade limiting the effectiveness of the cleaning 

If the wiper roller assembly is not functioning correctly you will likely see excess ink on the printhead surface when you open the clamshell.  As such this can lead to marking and scuffing (black marks) on the envelopes as you print them.  

The procedure for cleaning the service station is available in print and video format.  Download the print format HERE.