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Wiper overtemp error

Wiper overtemp errors are caused by the machine detecting too much current draw on the motor that runs the wiper roller, otherwise known as the wiper module. It has a few different causes that can be easily addressed. Below is the full list of them.

  1. Is your wiper roller moist? If it’s been allowed to dry out, it generates excess friction which can throw an overtemp error. Your options are to either wet down the roller, or to go into the toolbox and run Wiper Preemptive Maintenance. Consult the below video in order to perform this task:

  1. Clean your service station. If the service station becomes gummed up with ink, this can affect functionality and throw the error. The video below will show how to address this.

  1. Set your midjob service to be less frequent. Unless you are running with heavy coverage, you can set the MJS to 100 or 250 pages, which would cause less stress to the service station.
  1. Finally, if none of these work, you may need to replace the wiper module, which you can order from us from our online store. The video from step 2 also includes the removal and reinstallation of this part, beginning at 1:40.